Osu is a game kind of like dance dance revolution, but with key boards and a mouse. What you have to do is use your mouse and you left click or you press z or x. The maps are rated by stars. The more the stars, the harder it is to get. This game is a really fun game, and its free! I recommend it to all. Have fun gamers!!


GMOD (addons)

In Gmod there are a lot of different addons. Some addons I’ve been interested in is “SCP” mods, they are just scary NPS’s. These addons or mods are very fun to mess aroind with. I recommend if you have GMOD, to download some. Have fun gamers!!!

Plants VS Zombies

Plants VS Zombies is a game where you defend someone using plants. Thetr ate tons of plants to choose from! Most basic is called a peashooter. It kills the zombies. Then the sunflower, it makes sun so you can plant more plants. Later when you go on you’ll get more plants and you’ll get some mini games. This game is really fun and I really reccomend it to everyone! Have fun gamers!!!0

There Is No Game

There is no game… That’s all. You can go now… That’s what the game wants you to think. It starts off as a random person telling you, “There is no game.” After you mess around a little more, you can uncover more and more things. It is very fun, and I won’t tell you too much so you can enjoy it. Remember, “There is no game.” Have fun gamers!!!


Undertale is a RPG game with multiple endings. In this game, you play as a human that has fallen down a hole into a realm of monsters. Some nice and some mean. You get help from a half human half goat named Toriel. She basically tells you how things work. Through our your adventure, you either make friends with everyone, or KILL everyone. This game is a fun $10 game on steam and I recommend it to everyone. I won’t spoil too much. Have fun gamers!!!

Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod is a sand box game where you can pretty much do anything. This game has a lot of cool tools, weapons, NPC’s etc. You can play online and offline. There are different servers online. For example, there is a “Prop Hunt” server, aka Hide and seek. There are also add-ons. You just download them online and it adds stuff to your game. This is a fun $10 game on steam, and I recommend It to everyone. Have fun gamers !!!


Broforce is a fun 2D shooting game. This game has a lot of puns with the word ”Bro” in it. This game is really fun and has a lot of unique characters. As I said, they have the word “Bro” in it. “Brohard”, “Bro Dread”, “Rambro”, and more. This game is really funny and is fun single player and multiplayer. This game is an online multiplayer, so if one of your friends have this game, you can play with them. I recommend this game, it’s $15 on steam. Have Fun Gamers!!!

Trap Adventure 2

Trap Adventure 2 is a hard game. This game is a unfair game. There are 20 levels and a lot of trolls. There are traps and spikes everywhere. They pop out of no where and can get a bit annoying, but when you complete a level its amusing. This game is free on the app store but the normal part of the game is $1. I don’t recommend this to anyone that gets easily mad. Have fun gamers!!!

Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker is a game for the Wii U. In Super Mario Maker, you can create your own Mario levels and share the levels. There are so many awesome levels that has been shared. There are some levels where you don’t move. There are some where you hold one button and the level plays it’s self for you. There are also very hard levels. Some levels are so hard that it has a %0.01 clear rate. I prefer the fun easy ones. They are relaxing and fun. I recommend this game to everyone. Its a really fun game! Have Fun Gamers!!!